Metrolog V5


Metrolog V5 is a fully independent software designed to facilitate development and production processes, save time, and money for CATIA V5 software.

Metrolog V5 is software fully integrated into CATIA V5. You do not have to get used to a new environment, you can work in an environment that you are used to and that you control.

By extending the CATIA V5 program by Metrolog V5, you get all the features of your favorite Metrolog software. This means that you will not only be able to create 3D models, but you will be able to measure them directly from the drawing without the need for further data retrieval, saving you time and work.

Independence and compatibility of the Metrolg V5 allows you to control all your measuring machines with the same program, so the designer can control all measurements comfortably from their workstation.

Obrázek Metrolog V5

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