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X4 i-Viewer enables:

  • Data Sharing between different departments.

  • Measurement analysis and project review during engineering meetings without consuming a Metrolog X4 production license.

  • Inspection data sharing with customers, subcontractors, vendors or other divisions.

  • Easy and simple access to your file on any Computer system while your X4 license is being used elsewhere.

X4 i-Viewer


Collaborate and exchange dynamically your 3D inspection data with your engineering team, facilitate product development by using the new i-Viewer software.  Also share your X4 inspection files with your customers, partners or even subcontractors; offer them the ability to visualize your measurement results and data by simply downloading this free application.

X4 i-Viewer application is based upon the Metrolog X4 kernel configured in a visualization-only mode. The software allows each users to open Metrolog X4 sessions and/or CAD files, recalling features and views in a fully dynamic environment to perform offline comprehensive inspection data analysis and review.

Odkaz X4 i-Viewer

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